Rona Zinger (b. Israel, 1984) is a product designer, curator, exhibition designer and lecturer at the Department of Industrial Design at HIT – the Holon Institute of Technology. Zinger’s research and design projects focus on social phenomena. Her work addresses various aspects of culture and society, for which she produces responses aimed at stimulating discussion through design. Zinger strives to provide museum space solutions, and create display areas that challenge conventional concepts of space, influences the ways in which the exhibition is experienced and putting the visitor in the center.

Among the exhibitions Zinger has collaborated on are “Collective Recollection”, Hankin Gallery, 2018, “Genetic Dialogue” and “Time Machines”, Design Museum Holon, 2019, “Con|Serve”, Jerusalem design week , 2018, “Non-Contagious Exhibition”, Hansen House, 2016.

Zinger holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and a Master’s degree in experimental design from the Bezalel graduate program.

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