Design Objects


What will the products we design look like when they eventually become archaeological findings? Which elements will survive and take on a new life? These thoughts led to the creation of a series of four objects that contain the ability to generate a second life over time. Each object is comprised of two materials with different durabilities and life spans. One of the two will wear or disintegrate before the other, leaving the remaining material to preserve the object and reveal something new within it.  The materials play a different role in each of the pairs created; in the one object it assumes the function of the “strong” element, and in the other the function of the “weak”.


  1. An oil-based lamp- salt and soil mixture.
  2. A fruit bowl- soil mixture and wood.
  3. A serving tray- wood and terrazzo casting.
  4. A knife and fork- terrazzo casting and stainless steel.


Photo Credit – Oded Antman