Exhibition design

Design Museum Holon

Curator: Maria Cristina Didero


The Conversation Show is a group exhibition based on the exchange of ideas, interactions, and emotions, focusing on the symbolic and theoretical documentation of reciprocity in design and investigating the deep relationship shared by two or more people in the process of thinking and working together, and at times, even living together.

The five exhibits analyze and interpret, each in its own way, the relationships between the designers, as well as the different stages of the collaborative work. The focus on interpersonal and social communication has yielded products that embody processes of mutual inspiration while using diverse and unique codes.

The upper gallery design divides the space into four sections, where the products of each pair of designers are presented. A plus shaped structure with plaster walls creates this separation. The structure is hollow, allowing for entry and exploration of the inner space. At each of the four edges of the structure, a film is screened, documenting each pair’s interaction. This division of space creates two levels of experience – one, in the gallery plaza, presenting the products of discourse, and the second, more intimate and personal, within the plus shaped structure, presenting the discourse itself – the teams glances, voices and even romantic gestures.

The walls are polished and refined on the outside, while inside the basic construction remains exposed. The structural viscus is an analogy, revealing the designer’s relationships. At the center of the space, the entrance to the structure creates only one location where the viewer can stand and observe the four worlds simultaneously. The resulting experience is similar to watching the inner workings of an apartment building, inhabited by different families of various, colors, shapes, habits and experiences.


The installations of the exhibition include: Reciprocal Syntax by Studio BCSXY, Coalesque by Studio mischer’traxler, Balancing Act by Studio Reddish, The Hall of Broken Mirrors by Studio Snarkitecture, and Dune by Studio Zaven.