Exhibition design

Black Box Exhibition – Part One

Design Museum Holon

Curated by the museum team

The reality we inhabit is mediated by objects: We use tableware to eat our meals, wrap ourselves in linens while sleeping in beds, are transported by cars and airplanes, express our love by means of rings and balloons, and practice our faith with the help of sacred texts and ceremonial dress. How have objects become such an active part of our everyday life? What is the degree of closeness and intimacy that we entertain with them? Why do we seek to humanize objects? And does the motivation to reveal their humanity conceal a doubt concerning our own humanity?

This section of the exhibition presents contemporary design objects, which enable us to learn about the development of relationships between people and objects: from the first encounter with stone as a raw material, to objects that we call “black boxes” – objects composed of several items that each have a separate function, and whose treatment relies on professionals. Also included are hyper-objects – a-material entities that influence our perception of reality even if we do not come into actual contact with them. The display attempts to introduce some order into the history of the relationship between people and objects by referring to six loosely defined time periods.  It represents a consistent and ongoing process, in which the number of both human and non-human parameters involved in the relationship continues to multiply, parallel to a growing degree of reciprocal influence.


Photo Credit – Elad Sarig, Dor Kedmi.