Exhibition design

Black Box Exhibition – Part One

Design Museum Holon

Curated by the museum team

A museum collection contains a wide range of objects, so that a foray into its space calls to mind a visit to a historical Cabinet of Wonders. This early ancestor of modern museums, whose displays created new and unexpected connections between different artifacts, stands out in contrast to the systematic arrangement of modern collections, whose contents have been sorted and arranged according to clearly defined materials, themes and disciplines.

The objects stored in a museum collection spend most of their time in darkened spaces. Even when some of them are presented to the public as part of an exhibition, only a small aspect of the collection is revealed. The fact that it remains largely invisible and inaccessible elicits a sense of wonder and curiosity, as well as respect.

The Gallery invites visitors to investigate the secrets of the collection, while exploring the collection room as a complex hyper-object. How does an everyday object become a museum artifact? Which objects subvert the collection’s order, and why? Which items contribute to its maintenance, yet are not deemed worthy of being included in it? And what is the fate of objects that are not selected for display? This glimpse of a world existing behind closed doors reveals its internal hierarchy, and reflects on the mechanisms that preserve and commemorate, while also imposing restrictions and classificatory categories.


Photo Credit – Elad Sarig, Dor Kedmi.