Conceptual Design, Food Design


Collaboration with pastry chef Anna Shapiro for the exhibition “Bite Function,” curated by Liron Tzanhany

The term resilience, which this project focuses on, connects to primordial and basic strength, it is a force created in the body through the consumption of food, giving it a sense of fullness and durability. People’s need for food, which precedes any kind of culinary hedonism, is mundane and deep-rooted. The familiar phrase “survival of the fittest” signifies physical strength, but this is also the practical experience that comes with eating this dish. In order to reach the nutritious part of the dish, it is necessary to exert force through a rough and assertive act, creating a sense of security, power, and health. The bite created for this project, which is characterized by resilience, has been chosen to combine deep and rustic flavors that come from slow cooking in a casserole, along with anti-bacterial herbs. The dish is incased in cooking clay, which retains the bite’s heat and prevents anyone who is unable to break the casing from gaining the nutritional and mental values it provides.


Photo Credit – Nimrod Genisher