What’s More, Yellow Or an Elephant?

Exhibition Curation, Exhibition design

What’s More, Yellow Or an Elephant?

Hansen House

In this exhibition, illustrations by Orit Bergman and Anat Warshavsky – which we are used to encounter as a two-dimensional entity– first appear within the familiar format of a book, yet cannot resist the temptation of embarking on a three-dimensional adventure throughout the gallery spaces.

A huge yellow monster leads a troupe of creatures in a joyful race. Some of them amuse themselves in their familiar flat world on the gallery walls, while the braver ones join the monster hovering among the visitors and rooms.

The gallery walls introduce the visitor to illustrations from books and projects that Bergman and Warshavsky have created over the years. This is an opportunity to explore the medium of illustration outside the framework of the book, and to focus on the relationships between the characters, colors and spaces in a given scene.

We invite the viewer to walk around and under the illustrations, and look at them from behind and from the side (yes, it’s possible!). The characters chasing one another create new relationships.

Where does the tail begin?

Why does the bird have only one trunk?

How many legs does the fish have?

Who is leading?

And what is more, yellow or an elephant?


Photo Credit – Dor Kedmi.